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My name is Scotty George. I am from Salt Lake City and have been pinstriping since 2010 minus a 2 year break while serving a mission in Madagascar. I love this art form and all that surround it, I have begun to learn lettering and gold leafing as well airbrush. I'm currently apprenticing a full time painter at a body shop in Pleasant Grove and am learning as much as I can to expand my skills in this field. I love what I do and appreciate your support and the time you have taken to view my work on this blog. You can follow me on Facebook or Instagram, or connect with me on LinkedIn.

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I'm posting on one network or another all the time and always excited to meet new artists, attend car shows and sling some paint. If you have questions or are interested in having some pinstriping done on your vehicle or other items, give me a call or contact me on Facebook, we can set up a time and I can come to you or set up a time at a local car show or cruise night! I am not a full time pinstriper, I work part time at a body shop, help run, organize and promote a car show with monthly events and am a full time student in the fall/spring, but if you would like to have me do some work for you I try to get most jobs scheduled within a week or two.

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Right Back at it Again - A Day to Remember

A Day to Remember is one of my favorite music groups from today's
era... A recent album 'Common Courtesy' talks about taking
a short break, but being Right Back at it Again, as was the title for
their tour for the album as it seemed to be immediately after one they had
just finished... so the last few months have been absolutely hectic for me
with school, finals, moving, getting married, starting school again,
switching into a new job and others wrapping up for a season...
So I haven't had a lot of brush time in the last month or so, but I'm getting back
into it to get ready for KULTURE KRASH next month.
A new car show that myself and the other local Utah Pinstripers/Artists are
putting together to be a Car Show/Art Auction where we are all donating
pieces of art that will be given away or auctioned off with the
proceeds going to help kids and families in need of some
help this Christmas Season!
Please mark your calendars for October 25th, come out and support
this worthy cause and take home some unique one of a kind artwork!
See the top of the page for the flyer!
In the meantime here are some photos from what I have had time to work on
the past few months.  A couple of hot rods, panels and a Yamaha Virago!
Thanks for visiting!
1980's Yahama Virago built by one of my Accounting
Professors at the LDS Business College

Gloss black and Charcoal Grey pinstriping on the
satin black side panels and tank!

Black on black continues to be popular, hard to get the right
light for the pictures to turn out.

Visor on the 1930 Chevy hotrod

More black on black on the grille shell

This guy had not one, but two beautiful custom hot rods.

Process blue and grey stripes all over this one

Cowl vent

Glove box door for a fellow member, going in his
1969 F100 that he does autocross with!

Panel that will be available at KULTURE KRASH on October 25th!

As I mentioned.. I'm married now! She loves to paint too!
Mostly her finger/toenails but now we paint together!

Christmas ornaments are back in season apparently,
Already sent a set to Alabama!

Lots more coming your way! Plenty of stuff in the works for KULTURE KRASH,
another T shirt design in the works, and possibly prints of a few popular pieces
like Monsters Under the Bed and a new one in the works!
Feel free to email or call me about Christmas Ornaments, pricing is a little
different this year!  If you haven't already, go search STRIPES BY SCOTTY
on Facebook and like my page there, it gets updated a little more frequently!


  1. The ornaments sent to Alabama arrived safely. They will be a great addition to our truck ornament Christmas tree. I'm going to have to consider sending some glove box doors to you.

  2. Glad to hear you got them! I am more than happy to pinstripe them if you can get them to me :) Thank you!