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My name is Scotty George. I am from Salt Lake City and have been pinstriping since 2010 minus a 2 year break while serving a religious service mission in Madagascar. I have started expanding from pinstriping into airbrush, gold leaf, lettering and kustom automotive paint work. I'm currently apprenticing an automotive painter at a local collision repair shop and have been prepping for him since I began the collision repair program at UVU in the fall of 2015. I am now currently in the Street Rod/Custom metal fabrication program at the school while finishing my Bachelor's Degree in Technology Management. I love what I do and appreciate your support and the time you have taken to view my work on this blog. You can follow me on Facebook or Instagram, or connect with me on LinkedIn.

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I am posting both pinstriping and updates on my truck build here on this blog to help keep everything in one place. If you are looking into having some pinstriping done, I am open to answer any questions you have and would like to hear about your project. I am NOT a full time pinstriper. I am a full time student and work part time so my schedule is pretty busy but I stripe when possible, so if you are trying to schedule with me please be patient, I can usually get you scheduled within a week or two of being contacted. I can come to you or set up a time at a local car show or cruise night! Thank you for visiting!

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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Teenagers and Rattle Cans...

I've been debating for a few weeks now as to whether or not I should start some sort of "build thread" or blog about my truck project, the many smaller projects within the overall project and the things that I've been learning in school. Inspired by my buddy Layne's Edsel page on weebly, and after some input from friends, I've decided that considering that this truck will essentially be a rolling business card, or the face of "Stripes by Scotty" and the other automotive related skills that I'm developing, this place is as good as any. So a little bit of background on how I came to own this truck and what my current plans are and the weeks following will have more specific project updates/details on the various aspects of the build. Soooooo...

I bought this truck when I was 15 from my neighbor and close friend, Dustin. My dad had a blue 1965 F100 when he was in high school, so naturally I felt the need to do the same, and in some cases, one up what dad had. The truck had previously belonged to Dustin's brother but after he moved away for school, it fell into Dustin's hands and sat on the side of his house for several years as Dustin had his own sweet little 1965 F100 and other projects going on. We had initially started talking about me buying it on a neighborhood camp out when I was 14, not long after I started taking out the trash and doing small jobs at my Scoutmaster's local repair shop to start saving what little money I could to buy this truck. Some days I'd come home from school and instead of working on my homework, I'd just kind of stare out the window across the street at this old blue truck, dreaming of owning it and what it could be with some work.

The truck as it sat in 2007 when I bought it.
Fast forward to now. I've owned the truck for over 10 years now, I didn't have a dad that was into cars, so I did a lot of my own experimenting with the truck with the ideas, resources and knowledge that a teenager has and as time went on, apprenticed a master mechanic, got a job at a body shop prepping for the painter, got into pinstriping and suddenly all of the modifications I made in high school that were really "cool" to me at the time, ended up making a lot more work for me down the road to fix, and repair some (okay, kind of a lot of) rust, don't use expanding foam in vehicles for sound deadening... I had a lot of fun with the truck, but over time you start to realize that the quality of your work wasn't as great as you thought it was, and you don't want people to see your teenage experiments and think that's your current level of quality when you're preparing for a career in this field... So X number of rattle can paint jobs in my parents driveway, an engine build and a couple of college degrees later, I'm finally building this truck to a level of quality I hope will last a long time and provide years of enjoyable cruising and burnouts, without all of the over-spray and poorly prepped parts a 17 year old scrambled to make look nice before a hot date on the weekend... you know you've done the same!

I've recently graduated from UVU's 2 year Collision Repair Technology program and made a lot of great friends and learned a lot of things in regards to automotive and collision repair, started building my own arsenal of tools (student discounts are rad if you're considering a tech school program) and skills and been working on the truck at the school while attending. This fall I began the Street Rod and custom metal fabrication program that the school offers and that's when the past 2 years have come together and prepared me for all of the fun metal shaping and fabricating has begun and will be applied to the project. I have learned numerous forms of welding while in school, so I am not a seasoned veteran like many that work full time at shops but I've put the time in to practice and learn how the tools work before just diving into the truck, so for learning the theory, how some of the tools work and then bringing the projects all to life at the same time, I feel like its been a great project, but taken longer than it would for most. That said, I look forward to future projects where I've already had the experience and skills developed to where it can be a smoother process without all of the various learning curves integrated in to the project's progress.

Hang tight and in a couple days I'll fill you in on what all this "Marauder" business is about and why there's a bunch of Mercury stuff involved in this truck. -Scotty

Prior to stripping the Maaco Paint job to run bare metal for a summer

Building my first engine ~2010

Bare metal with blue accents... for whatever reason this is what I
wanted to do at the time. 

Another baby blue paint job after a summer of bare metal and
starting to rust in Utah snow/salt

Pinstriping everything, and finding the Mercury valve covers.

Somewhat current state... (Spring 2017)

Monday, September 12, 2016

Rat Fink 2016 and upcoming Kulture Krash!

Always busy with something... Rat Fink was a blast, side projects lately have been fun opportunities to get some booth time in as well as practice with the brush. 

Kulture Krash, that I help plan and put on, is less than a month away and I have all sorts of projects in the works for that right now... You can follow them on Instagram. 

The show is October 8th! Be there, or be very, very square ;) you won't regret coming, the money raised is for a great cause, helping local Utah families that have relatives with rare diseases and illnesses. Angel's Hands Foundation is our chosen organization to be this year's benefactor and we are so excited about our involvement with them! See you then!

The missionaries serving in Manti during the Rat Fink Reunion!

1940 Ford Hot Wheels Car w/stripes & Fink

62 Chevy Pickup Hot Wheels

Trailer art for the Sprinkler Head Motorcycle Club

Office sign for my machinist

Hood design on a 65 El Camino

A couple of pieces I'm donating to Kulture Krash III

A custom water ski I'm painting for Kulture Krash III

Sponge & Dry Brush... just like they did when I was a toddler

90's graphics on a brand new Duramax

My wife and I at the Peach Days show over the weekend, thank you Hotrodtime.com

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

I'm not even sure what happened...

Looks like it has been at least 6 months since I've posted on here... So here's some updates on the truck, pinstriping, and life in general.

Last August-ish I got to do complete paint and pinstripe jobs on a couple of bikes built by my friend Tyler (Bang Moto) for a local show called the Salty Bike Revival. It was a great show and for some of my first complete tanks I was pretty happy with the results and look forward to more projects where I get to do more than just a few stripes.

I started school at Utah Valley University last fall as a Collision Repair Technology student and have been loving going to school for something that I have a passion for. I didn't completely abandon all of the business and accounting base I built for myself at LDS Business College though, I'm enrolled in the Bachelor's program for Technology Management at UVU which essentially is a business management type program with a trade emphasis such as automotive, computer science etc. Mine is obviously in body and paint. I'll move into the second year of that Fall 2016 and hope to graduate within a year after that.

With school in that field, I've been spending afternoons prepping for an awesome painter at a body shop in Pleasant Grove. We do mostly collision work which I'm totally fine with. Just like my time at Joe's turning wrenches, you've got to learn the basics and create good habits on the regular cars before you deserve time on the high end or cool stuff. Oh hey, speaking of Joe's...

That motor we built at his place before I went on my mission... Well its torn apart and on the stand again, and the truck itself is in similar shape. I started tearing into it at school last October after Kulture Krash was over since it completely took over my life until the show was over. I've been running all of the social media marketing for the show and its been a lot of fun to plan and create content to create hype for the show. The show went great last October, I'll post some of the artwork I did for the auction etc... we raised over $14,000 that got passed on to local charities to help Utah families and children in less fortunate circumstances. ... Later in October I had the awesome opportunity to get to go and tag some various spots throughout an awesome restaurant up in Park City called Billy Blanco's: Motor City Mexican, if you're a gearhead, you need to check out this place!
Oh back to the truck... Some big changes.

I'm finally following through with the idea that sparked 6 year ago when I first got my Mercury Marauder FE valve covers when I thought about creating a Mercury M100 clone with the truck instead of the usual F100. Everybody looks under the hood and gets confused when there's big bold script that says MERCURY instead of Power by Ford anyways, so why not. I've been posting photos of the build on Facebook as well as on Instagram with #projectmarauderm100 ... The 390 is going back in it but under some different circumstances.

The body is being reworked for paint right now. I've shaved seams along the front of the hood, roofline on the cab, rear end caps on the bed and still have the main seam on the bed to weld and smooth. The frame got sectioned 12 inches as well as the bed so the truck will now be sporting a 7 foot bed instead of 8. Everybody is already asking, "Is that a short bed?" "Nope" "Well is it a long bed?" "Nope. Its a medium bed!" Its completely different in its own way. I'm going for what a late 60's/early 70's sport truck could have been. I've also been working on the Crown Vic front suspension swap that has become fairly common on these trucks to get rid of the I Beam and drum brake setup. I could go on and on, but I'd rather just show you.
Check out my facebook page for more pictures: facebook.com/stripesbyscotty
Thanks for visiting!
See you in Manti in June!

Top is current, bottom is before.

Truck sitting on Crown Vic suspension with Mustang wheels

Panel I donated to the Kulture Krash auction last fall

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Random pinstriping at Billy Blanco's

Saturday, August 1, 2015

To Fink and Back...

I've found myself so busy with my day job and running
social media marketing for Kulture Krash and a few other companies
to the point I've been slacking on my own updates!
June took me back to Manti with friends and family for the
RAT FINK REUNION hosted by Ilene Roth aka Mama Fink.
What a wonderful weekend paying tributes to the late
Ed "Big Daddy" Roth and his influence
on the kustom car scene and pinstriping etc.
Despite the rain it was a great time to relax and paint with friends!
July took me to Emmett Idaho for their massive Show N Shine
as well as for some brush time at Sonny's Speed & Kustom
in Twin Falls where some cool builds are going on
including a small project for my own truck that will be
gone into further detail on later...
Enjoy the pics!
Cadillac/Olds BatWing air cleaner case for Sonny Warner's C10

Adding a little somethin to my friend Devin's
air compressor in his shop.

Motorcycle helmet with Ed Roth character for friend
and X Games competitor Mason Moore