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My name is Scotty George. I am from Salt Lake City and have been pinstriping since 2010 minus a 2 year break while serving a religious service mission in Madagascar. I have started expanding from pinstriping into airbrush, gold leaf, lettering and kustom automotive paint work. I'm currently apprenticing an automotive painter at a local collision repair shop and have been prepping for him since I began the collision repair program at UVU in the fall of 2015. I am now currently in the Street Rod/Custom metal fabrication program at the school while finishing my Bachelor's Degree in Technology Management. I love what I do and appreciate your support and the time you have taken to view my work on this blog. You can follow me on Facebook or Instagram, or connect with me on LinkedIn.

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I am posting both pinstriping and updates on my truck build here on this blog to help keep everything in one place. If you are looking into having some pinstriping done, I am open to answer any questions you have and would like to hear about your project. I am NOT a full time pinstriper. I am a full time student and work part time so my schedule is pretty busy but I stripe when possible, so if you are trying to schedule with me please be patient, I can usually get you scheduled within a week or two of being contacted. I can come to you or set up a time at a local car show or cruise night! Thank you for visiting!

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

I love these little details...

Personally, I'm not a fan of chrome. If its a full on resto like bolt for bolt piece for piece to match the way it came off the showroom floor, I'm alright with that, that fits the era, thats the way its supposed to be... but as far as super old mild custom/resto rod/hot rod/daily driver sorta cars, usually they're not sporting a ton of chrome.. outside or in.  outside meaning the rocker panel trims, windshield wrap trim, etc... sometimes they've got accents and borders all over interior but then under the hood, they're usually just repainted colors from basic rebuilds and such... but you still love your ride and like to show it off whether or not you have the best of show totally flawless mirror finish paint and such, there's still little things that if you pay attention to and accent, people are still going to point that out and ask about it... So those of you that have seen my engine bay in the truck know there's blue and polished metal everywhere, its not just the fenders, there's little brackets and stripes everywhere on the motor as well... no chrome, just other colors that work together to create a theme that catches the eye... so now we've worked on figuring some other stuff out for my buddy's cars... here's some stuff to start out with Parker's 61 Cadillac's engine bay and Scottie R's 1970 C10 that we just picked up a new edelbrock aluminum intake and chrome valve covers for.
Scottie's 1970 C10

Parker's 1961 Cadillac Sedan De Ville "The Batmobile"
Lets face it... as much as we all love this car, its a bit of a basket case. Under the hood is a mess, not very clean, etc etc... so I'm working to change that, already a simple start with valve covers and air cleaner case that were originally blue covers from the factory and an all chrome aftermarket flame air cleaner with some work to match the covers... some other plans... still just waiting for stupid valve cover gaskets before taking the after pics. hopefully progress will be made this week :) cause i mean face it, Flat black paint, crackling exhaust, red hubcaps, white ring tires, Jade, our local UT pinup girl, (photo from Thanks2Frank.com) this car is obviously a rat without stripes...

And with the lack of a sound system or very presentable 'back window dash' i have some plans and materials to fix this up a bit too... :)

The basic sketch.

The giant butcher paper rought draft/tracing

I plan to tag the trunk right above the cad emblems...